Jan-Willem Naerebout - Director.
AGRI-HR specialises in the direct recruitment of the highest calibre workers for farming & fresh produce businesses in the UK. We will work very hard for our farming & fresh produce customers and applicants alike to ensure crops can be grown, harvested and packed and for the applicants to enjoy a rewarding period of employment in agriculture and fresh produce, in the UK.

AGRI-HR has an inhouse team of experienced recruiters and is ready to source the highest calibre of workers for the 2019/2020 seasons. I am looking forward to discuss how we are able to help source the highest calibre workers for your business.


Natalia Raiscaia is a recruitment coordinator, she joined AGRI-HR in 2019, with the knowledge of HR best practices, based on human rights standards, and aimed at securing dignity and equality for all. Natalia is providing a lot of attention to workers' satisfaction, and the reputation of customers. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - this is one of the fundamental principles for Natalia.

Natalia can understand and manage a complex set of relationships with job seekers and customer companies in order to build and maintain a bridge of trust and accountability. She has strong communication skills and will coordinate the full recruitment cycle, ensuring that AGRI-HR always meets the requirements and commitments.

Natalia’s first degree focused on the human rights protection field, working for charity and international organizations. At the Masters level she studied psychology and social science. Outside AGRI-HR her interests include swimming and travelling.

Natalia participates in the whole recruitment process. She is responsible for attracting candidates, evaluating applications, scheduling and conducting interviews and arranging the arrival dates of recruited workers in line with the agreed forecast and location.

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